Sunday, June 28, 2009

DooDads - Mary the Octopus

My sister Mary loves octopi. Who wouldn't love something squishy with eight sucker-wearing arms. I made these octopus earrings and matching bracelet just for her. Since she's one of the three reasons I come to Second Life. The other two reasons are my other two sisters.

These earrings and bracelet are weird for sure. The octopus sports a checkered clown hat with a flower, big gaudy eyes and a pink striped mouth with teeth. The body is covered in a steel panel texture. I know not everyone is gonna like these, but Mary does and that's what really matters.

If you like them, the earrings are available for only 100L and the bracelet a mere 20L. The earrings come with three sizes included: small, medium and X-big (shown). Go to: DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DooDads - Gold Flower Necklace

Here is a pretty and delicate Gold Flower Necklace. The flower has a green center and there are delicate green beads linking the gold rings of the gold necklace. It matches the Gold Flower Earrings that I have available for only 10L. The necklace is available for a similar low price. (sorry can't remember exactly right now but I know it's low.)

Available at DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

DooDads - Rocket to Hold

Have you ever wanted to have your own rocket to carry around? Be careful though, because this rocket has flames shooting out the back. It's also scripted to hold. If you wanted to coordinate your outfit it matches some earrings that I made earlier (see photo above).

Fly on over to: DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

DooDads - Robot Bracelets

Here are some bracelets I made that match some other robot jewelery I already have available. Sold together are three bracelets that have Gadget Robot (blue) and Redbot Robot (red). You will see in the picture a combined version and then versions with one robot each. All three bracelets are only 100L.

I also made a bracelet with all the robots I've made together in one. This bracelet is sold alone for only 100L.

Available at DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

DooDads - New Robots

I made more robots. I know, I can't help it. These Citrus Robot Earrings come in two pairs. There is a pink Lemonade version and a lemon lime version. They are sold together for only 100L (In the picture I'm wearing one of each).

Also available are matching robot bracelets (above). Three bracelets are included, one in each color plus a combined version (as shown in the picture above). Also available are robots that sit on your head (one of each color). I hope you like them. I had fun making them.

Available at DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

DooDads - Dynamite

I am pleased to announce that I have a new DooDads store at cioccolata. They have a hunt going on right now and these are the prizes I'm giving out.

Who doesn't want dynamite to carry around and worry innocent bystanders? Also in the prize box are dynamite earrings and necklace. They all have scripted flames coming out of them. They will be available until the hunt is over.

Go to cioccolata: DooDads - cioccolata - ALBERO, Hyssop (206, 205, 52)

DooDads - Witch Doctor Earrings

These earrings were inspired by the cartoons by Chas Addams, creator of The Adams Family. He was a fond of using witch doctors in his famous New Yorker cartoons. They were usually wimpy whiny characters instead of scary man-eating monsters though. However, these earrings are scary and man-eating monsters, so beware and wear them with caution.

They come in two sizes, large (shown) and small (not shown). They are only 50L at DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

DooDads - Zebras

What can you say about zebras? They are covered in black and white stripes so that makes them very stylish. The Zebra Shoulder Pet is only 2L. Now that is a stylish and cheap friend. You can be styling with these Zebra Necklace and earrings for only 150L. The Zebra Doll (scripted to hold) is only 80L.

Get them at: DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

DooDads - Blue Dog Earrings (only 20L)

Woof woof! Here are some blue dog earrings. Just because he's a blue dog doesn't mean he's a sad dog. Maybe a bucket of blue paint got dumped over him. But he doesn't mind being blue in fact it suits him very well, thank you.

These earrings are cheap, cheap and blue, blue. They only cost 20L at Doodads. Go get them at DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

DooDads - Color Link Earrings New Lower Price

These earrings are only 5 linden. I made them exclusively for the Albero Accessory Fair. They have lots of rings linked together in purples, pinks, reds and blues. Included are two pairs, a large version (shown) and a small version (not shown). I hope you like them.

These earrings will go away when the fair is over on June 23rd so be sure and drop by if you want to pick them up. They are at the Accessory Fair @ ALBERO, Chowla (68, 210, 78).

DooDads - Gold Flower Earrings New Low Price

I've lowered the price of these pretty gold flower earrings. They're now only 10L. Made of gold metal, these flowers have a green center front and back. They come in two sizes large (shown) and small. I've also added some other things to DooDads that are at a similar low price. I hope you stop by and check them out.

Go to: DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)