Sunday, June 28, 2009

DooDads - Mary the Octopus

My sister Mary loves octopi. Who wouldn't love something squishy with eight sucker-wearing arms. I made these octopus earrings and matching bracelet just for her. Since she's one of the three reasons I come to Second Life. The other two reasons are my other two sisters.

These earrings and bracelet are weird for sure. The octopus sports a checkered clown hat with a flower, big gaudy eyes and a pink striped mouth with teeth. The body is covered in a steel panel texture. I know not everyone is gonna like these, but Mary does and that's what really matters.

If you like them, the earrings are available for only 100L and the bracelet a mere 20L. The earrings come with three sizes included: small, medium and X-big (shown). Go to: DooDads @ Feed Your Head, Red Queen (89, 180, 22)

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